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The Pioneer

The night before Kirk Imse passed away he and his son, Elliot, watched the original Woodstock documentary. Kirk was a child of the ’60s who lived in the Haight Ashbury as a young man. Music was one of the things that kept his spirits up while he spent four months in the hospital during the end of his life.

26-year-old Elliot lives in New York where he works for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media advocacy organization. He plans to go back to school eventually to pursue a masters in public policy – something he knows his father would have been very proud of.

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This Old House

Nora Feingold and Walter “Shep” Shepherd met at a local supermarket on Christmas eve. Nora was on the return line and noticed an interesting looking man. They made small talk and said “merry Christmas” to each other before parting.

After returning her items, Nora was overcome with an urge to do some extra shopping. “It was a great day for consumerism,” she said. She walked up and down the isles for about 20 minutes. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder.

After returning his items, Shep got into his car and started to drive away. He got a couple miles before slowing down and turning around. He told himself if he was meant to meet her she would still be in the supermarket when he returned.

They got married five years later in 2003.

Shep worked for 10 years helping to fix up Nora’s 19th century Victorian house. He knocked down a wall and raised the living room ceiling. He restored the fireplace and fixed up their big red barn.

Nora continues to live in the house after Shep passed away in February 2009. Friends come to visit often. They like to sit in front of the fireplace as it fills her house with warmth and drink tea.

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Ahavah Rabbah

Shayna Peavey saved her grandmother’s scarves and shawls after she passed away in 2008. Her grandmother, Dot, collected dozens of them throughout her life and would almost always have one on, no matter what the occasion.

Dot was an independent woman who made some radical choices for 1950s middle America.

Now 30-year-old Shayna is defining her own life as a Jewish Cantor in New York City. It was a hard adjustment for her, but she finds strength in grandmother’s memory.

Shayna’s recording of Hashiveinu is featured on the slideshow.